Property Investment Program Testimonials – Intake 8

“The Course is very good and practical”
Wu Guo Qiang, Engineer

“Steven was thorough in knowledge transfer. Andy was inspirational and a very unique individual!”
Liang Som Eng, Admin Manager

“The course has served its purpose to give me an idea on property investment and an idea on how to analyze the different asset classes”

“Highly charged-up pwer talk and highly motivational and the sharing of knowledge highly appreciated.”
Lim Hong Liang Justin, Assistant Director

“Andy, it’s a brilliant idea to conduct this course. Well done!i hope that through this course, my hsband and I can make more monies to fulfill our dreams.”
Chong Sook WAh Juliana, Part Time Admin Clerk

”Mr Andy Ong is an aggressive, encouraging and motivating trainer”
Roger Wong, Businessman

“Practical insights to property investment specially beneficial to people who wants to start investing in property as an investment,. Andy Ong has been very motivated in his presentation!”
Chia Mui King, Director

“Andy was very convincing and sincere in his lesson”
Seow Poh Yoke Katherine, Housewife

“I have fully benefited from this course. It really opened my eyes to the many opportunities in the market despite the already high price currently”
Alvin Lim, Real Estate Agent

“Andy is full of enthusiasm, energetic and knowledgable, not only in Singapore property but regional as well. It’s a blessing to have a chance to learn from him.”
Yee Shau Ling,
Essentials in Property Investment

“I have learnt a lot during the three days. Opportunity to invest in future projects is the best part of the course. Thank you!”
Mehbuba Q. Syed, Housewife

“Excellent delivery of information by all lecturers and trainers! Very informative and engaging! Mind blowing ideas and strategies!”
Tomme Leong, Real Estate Agent

“Andy gave very precise and informative insights regarding his investments and his objectives. He is quite brave to actually share his views so precisely as to which areas are worth investing in. it gives us more confidence in the creditability of the course”
Eugene Lim, Project Engineer

“A very good course. Andy is inspirational and a very knowledgeable trainer. I have learnt a lot about property investment from this course”
Mary Gan, Finance Manager

“The course is very good. Andy’s explanation is clear and easy to understand. The course really met my expectations”
Mohamed Ibrahim Bin Mohamed Dawood,
Operations Technician

“Very satisfied with the course. Overall, trainers are enthusiastic in sharing and sincere in our comprehension of the concepts prepared in investing in real estate. I’m more well informed now. Thank you Andy!”
Gracy Yap, Curriculum specialist

“Specific focus on property strategy is excellent. Clear and specific roadmap to property investment in attained”
Leong Kim Hock,
Essentials in Property Investment

“Overall was an eye opener and thought provoking 3 days. Being a complete noob regarding property, its something that I find especially useful. I’m impressed especially by the passion shown by Mr Andy. Sight seeing is cool. Information provided is concise with very good clarification”
Ang Kian Chuan, Software Engineer

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