Property Investment Program Testimonials – Intake 5

“The course has been informative and enlighteneing. Will encourage and promote to other like minded persons”
Ng Kok Wah

“High value added course with very practical, relevant tips / information. An eye opener”
Sharon Ang
Corporate Real Estate Banker

“The course has been extremely informative especially in helping me see the potential in certain properties. I particular find the site visits very helpful and the insights provided by Andy is very interesting. Steven impress me with his research and wealthy knowledge as well.”
Hoh Mew Leng

“An eye opening course to property investment. It was well planned, and tall thanks to Andy, Steven and all ERC staffs”
Victor Wong

“Generally it is quite comprehensive and interesting. It does open my eyes in property investments”
Liyana Soong

“This has been a very informative and eye-opening course. Especially the info – sharing and insights by Andy”
Julia Chin

“Andy is good in his presentation, very lifely, interesting.”
Chua Boon Liang

“The Trainers have shared their best knowledge with us”
Lim Soo Khim

“Excellent delivery of information. The lecturers are passionate, dedicated and committed”
Yen Wong
Finance Manager

“Thank you to the organizer and trainer, its was a very enriching course”
Wong Yoon Sen

“Informative and useful. Look forward to a long term relationship of mutual benefit”
Sanjay Kapil
Project Manager

“Andy Ong get to the point and bring the message across fast”
Lim Sze Hun
Business Owner

“Andy Ong is straight, no nonsense commitment. Steven Kuan is a good complementing in knowledge.”
Nicholas Lim
Derivatives Risk Manager

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