Property Investment Program Testimonials – Intake 3

“Good alternative insights into property investment”
David Leong, Director

“ I enjoyed the three days very much”
Tong Tiong Siew Joyce, Housewife

“It has been a wonderful 3 days. Thank you Andy! Keep it up!”
Wong Peng Hock, Retiree

“Enjoyed myself and have learn a lot through Andy’s sharing.”
Louis Siow, Business Owner

“Very different from other investment courses. I like the field trip, it was fantastic”
Robert Chng, Corp Executive

“Excellent course, totally value for money. Andy demonstrated high level of professionalism and knowledge”
Joseph Lim, Project Engineer

“Andy demonstrates a high level of passion and enthusiasm. Overall, a fantastic program with useful tips and information about the current and future trends. Keep it up!”
Chua Shu Hui

“Andy demonstrates great passion in wht he believes and does; he is indeed the best person to teach this topic. Thank you for sharing so unselfishly”
Tong Siew Yen June, Real Estate Agent

“The Information provided was adequate. Andy’s property trip is an eye opener”
Mylene Neo, Real Estate Agent

“I’ve gained a very good fundamental from this course”
Jessica Teo

“I like Andy’s expertise in Property and sharing on his experiences”
Lim Meng Lip, Quality Manager

“Im so glad I was able to attend this course. Thanks to Laura and the rest of the staff who were extremely helpful and efficient. Keep up the great work! Thanks andy for 3 super days. I learnt a great deal and look forward to future joint ventures and mentorship”
Helen Lee, Retiree

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