Property Investment Program Testimonials – Intake 17

“As a newbie in property, I have learnt a lot from both lecturers, Andy & Steven. I would actually highly recommend this course to all my friends that I know who are interested in Property Investment”

Rachel Lau


“Good course to enhance knowledge. Open up road path to ride on”

Chew See Eng


“Andy’s passion for what he does is infectious! I’m particularly impressed with his insights, Creativity and vision. Thanks Andy, I wish I had attended your program earlier.”

Soh Hee Fong

Essentials in Property Investment Program, Intake 17

“Thank you Andy for your willingness to share. I am grateful that we can achieve wealth creation together. I put my trust and faith in you.”

Sharon Cheang

Admin Officer

“I like the stimulating teaching methods and the passion by the trainers, thanks!”

Set Kuo Lern

Essentials in Property Investment Program, Intake 17

“Andy posses a wealth of knowledge and business acumen on what he does. He is also passionate about what he teaches”

Chris Ang

Recruitment Specialist

“Andy has presented a new / different perspective into property investment which has encourage me that 1st step”

Eric Tan

Trader / Dealer (Precious Metals)

“Andy is a passionate trainer with a very direct style. Very knowledgeable & experienced, he knows what he’s talking about. Steven is able to share dry information in an interesting way”

David Thian

Training Manager

“Thank you for showing me how to evaluate property and leverage”

Lee Jia Kang Raymond


“I would like to say a big Thank You to Andy for his selfless sharing and his patient guidance during the intense session that were held. It is very rare for a person of this status to spend his weekend to be here specially sharing his insights that were invaluable to me. as a former teacher, it is so important to me that the facilitator is able to ignite that spark in their students. We will not let you down Andy!”

Clare Loh

Essentials in Property Investment Program, Intake 17

“Andy is indeed a “Passionate Speaker”. He knows what he is doing with the right flow right mind set. Credit also goes to all the working staff for their services, patience, indeed as an asset to the company.”

James Mok

Real Estate Sales Person

“Very useful session, highly interactive and informative, thank you”

Pavani Kumar Kasinadhuni

IT Professional

“Very well organized and great content information. Will introduce friends to come for the next class!”

Kevin Yu

Corporate Finance Consultant

“Andy is very inspiring and I hope that I will start doing something when I walked out from the class. He is my multi-million idol. I hope to live life with passion like him.”

Poon Poh Kheng

Assistant Contracts Manager

“Awesome course! Everything is shared with us, nothing is hidden. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to “catch my own fish” and I’m grateful to both Andy & Steven for all the effort and thought they put into “coming down to our level” to teach us. It’s been a crazy 2.5 days in a great way.”

Caleb Leow

Essentials in Property Investment Program, Intake 17

“Andy did an amazing job to convey messages to students. Very informative and greatly intro helping students understand concepts”

Ryan Chong

Trading Executive

“The organization is well managed. Information provided is specific and clear.”

Pat Tay


“Generally a good and insightful course”

Joshua Ng

Essentials in Property Investment Program, Intake 17

“Very happy and will attend other relevant courses”

Mohd Saiful

Essentials in Property Investment Program, Intake 17

“Andy is superb! I really enjoyed Andy’s views on property investment. Before investing in any property, I Invest in Singapore which is gem of the Universe. I totally agree Andy’s view on Singapore’s advantages and potentials.

Mayumi Uchidu

Team Leader of Data Company

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