Property Investment Program Testimonials – Intake 16

“Andy is very experienced and knowledgeable and is very honest to share with us event the mistakes that he made for us to avoid. He is also very kind to open his profitable ventures with his students so that we can ride on his success and create wealth for ourselves.”
Philomene Ngui, Finance Director

“Good opportunity to learn from someone who’s been through the vigor of property investment”
Caryne Chow, Financial Analyst

“Great course, properly organized & conducted”
Deep Kamal Agarwal, Self-employed

“Excellent Program”
Tan Ching, Engineering

“The sessions with you (Intake 16) were very useful, especially the field trip to look at properties. It was an eye-opener. I have been looking at properties with a new perspective since going through the course! I greatly appreciate the sharing by Mr Andy Ong on his decision-making process, his personal thinking and psyche about making the right choices about property. That was invaluable. I hope you’ll resume your workshops after you come back from your further studies, as I would like my RI (JC2) son to learn first-hand from you.”
Joyce Koh, Student from PIP Intake 16

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