Property Investment Program Testimonials – Intake 14

“Andy has a very practical & meaningful insight. A rare opportunity to tap on a millionaire’s mindset. And Steven is an excellent lecturer! Very comprehensive and holistic! Thank you both!”
Sherrie Lee, HR Manager

“Andy has provided in depth knowledge and experience open sharing with all. He has built trust to his students.”
Wong Liang Tuan, Quality Assistant Manager

“The course has been very helpful to understand underlying dynamics of Singapore Property market.”
Nibedita Panda

“Very informative and enriching”
Irene Lee

“Very good and well structured course! information here is very useful and suitable for my wealth building process”
Andy Dang, IT Analyst

“Steven’s lesson is comprehensive & detailed! Andy’s lesson was practical and straight to the point. Great job for both!”
Naomi Chan, Portfolio Manager

“The course has enhanced my knowledge in properties investment and had met my objectives”
Johnnie Ng

“Thank you so much for putting all the effort to impart your experience with us. We’re bless”
Joyce Chow, PA – Admin Management

“Thank you Andy & Steven. This course is unique in dealing with the fundamentals as well as the advanced / practical aspects. The sit visit sets this course apart. I hope to continue to be part of this network.”
Derrick Wong

“Great and extremely updated information”
Mark Goh, Property Management

“A must attend course for those who are intereted in investing in Singapore Property”
Kenny Tan

“A precious opportunity to tap the insights and experience of a successful multi millionaire investor. Great learning opportunity”
Wong Kok Kuan, Project Manager

“Very inspiring. Trainers are very knowledgable in their areas of expertise. Energy level very high, kept students’ attention up all the time”
Lee Chee Tian, Filmaker

“Keep up the good work”
Jaspreet Singh, Doctor

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