Property Investment Program Testimonials – Intake 10

“Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. The class was fun and full of useful information. Plase continue to guide us along.”
Mizui Yoshimi, Banking

“A very good course to set our future success path”
Loh Voon Chen, Service Manager

“This Course has given me clear principles on property investments. The sit visits was a real eye opener and really helped in identifying value in properties”
Cheah Yew Mun, Engineering Manager

“This is a highly effective and inspiring course. I came away with many property investment idea. It helped me to be discipline and focus in doing the necessary analysis before committing to investment”.
Jerine Ng, Self-Employed

“Andy is very sincere in sharing his knowledge and experiences by answering all questions asked. Thank you!”
Dan Ong, Trading

“A fruitful course”
Daniel Wu, Senior Service Engineer

“Informative course indeed”
Maydelene Tan, Real Estate Agent

“Very knowledgeable and an eye opening experience with Andy Ong’s extensive coverage of property investment. Highly recommended to future students. In short, it was a good course! Thanks Andy!”
David Ho, General Manager

“Course provider good diverse practical information about Singapore property market. Real value will be desired by obtaining active participation from Andy in decision making process”
Vishal Agarwal, Professional Manager

“A lot of relevant information for newbie investor & follow up support for future investments after the course makes me feel more confident and sure about making money”
Melissa Jane Yeow, Physiotherapist

“Very interesting. The course opened up a whole idea of where to invest, what to vinest and be different from the herd mentality approach. The sit visit were excellent and an eye opener to choose widely undervalued properties with potential yield and good returns”
Bharat Kumar, Business Development Director

“The course is very well organized. Andy had a vast knowledge on the property, he share all that he know of”
Heidi Chan, Pre-Developing Consultant

“Informative and practical on site visit experience”
Alex Tan, System Manager

“Keep up the good work. Passion about business is rare so it’s a gem!”
Tan Chen Yit, Operations Manager

“Very important with the practical information provided by both Andy and Steven. Made me realize I was ignorant in the past if what the property scenario really is”
Wong Ang Chai, Business (Sports Surfaces)

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