Business Accelerator Program – Testimonials

“I enjoyed attending the Business Accelerator Program by Mr Andy Ong and Mr Alan Go. Andy Ong is a serial entrepreneur and successful investor. He imparted his knowledge on how to be our own boss, evaluate and seize right business opportunities, avoid costly mistakes of successful entrepreneurs to us. We have benefited from Mr Alan Go’s Big Feasibility, Big Plan and Sun Tze. I will recommend this BAP to my friends!”
– Tan Hong Leng, Financial Investor

“My mind has been exploded by plenty of real life experiences from our trainers, Mr Andy Ong and Mr Alan Go. I’m amazed from Mr Andy Ong can think that fast and structure the new idea for all the students”
– Dang Thanh Xuan, IT Analyst

“A Well delivered program. Interesting! Thank you very much Andy!”
– Toh Y W, CFO

“The course was inspiring and has changed my perspectives and showed me practical / the real way to start up business. I’m inspired to start up my own business”
– Josephine Lin, Auditor

“Excellent Course! The Trainers, Mr Andy Ong and Mr Alan Go were willing to share their practical knowledge with us”
– Ng Chin Zhong, Engineer

“The course is definitely value for money. Mr Andy Ong is excellent, very generous, he held nothing back in fact over and over delivered and gave hope. He helped and backed up to the students. Mr Alan Go portion was also very interesting. I have enjoyed every minute of the program and will highly recommend it to my friends. Thank you!’
– Dam Khoo

“I have learnt so much over this weekend. I am lucky attending this intake of Business Accelerator Program conducting by Mr Andy Ong and Mr Alan Go. Mr Andy Ong has share so much information in doing business”
– Liang Feng, IT Project Management

“The Business Accelerator Program and the Essentials in Property Investment Program that I have attended previously are among the best course I have ever attended, no doubt about that. Thank you Mr Andy Ong and ERC Team.”
– Wu Guo Qiang, Engineer

“Very Informative. Detailed the traits and skills of successful businessman.. helps one comprehends the intricacies of divese business & how to monetize them into profitable centres. In summary, the value of the programe comes from the hands-on experience from Mr Andy Ong and Mr Alan Go who walk their talk.”
– Eddie Ho, Investor / Businessman

“Comprehensive and inspiring. Speakers are very experienced and able to share insightful knowledge”
– He Jian Feng, Proprietary Trading

“I would like to thank Mr Andy Ong and Mr Alan Go for sharing valuable business tips on how to expand my business and take it to the next level. Thank you!”
– Lionel Lim, Lifestyle Coach

“Both the speakers, Mr Andy Ong and Mr Alan Go are excellent speakers. Mr Alan Go has gone the extra mile and answered our questions after the class. Real life business case analysis is the highlight of the course”
– Soh Seng Wee

“Andy Ong and Alan Go, thank you for you for sharing with us your thoughts and experiences in business arena. I have decided to do business in the next couple of months. I have takeaway many learning points. Once again, I really appreciate your time and efforts in encouraging all of us to think big.”
– Teo Hock Meng, Self-Employed

“This course is an eye opening for a fresh person to step into the business world. Strongly recommended!”
– Wee Chin Sun, Engineer

“ Mr Andy Ong is a dynamic speaker and wis willing to share his vast experience in the class. He is very shaprp and provides a very different and interesting view on common business matters”.
– Loo Meng Gee, Accountant

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