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Casino-management coursework

No matter how swanky the infrastructure and hardware, great software is what makes a project, a city, a country or for that matter, a nation. To run mega projects like the casino-based integrated resorts (IRs), professionals are needed. ERC Holdings, which runs the Asian Centre For Professional Excellence, has begun offering MBAs in tourism and hospitality management. The course includes a major project on casino management. The curriculum is based on that of the tourism institute of Australia. Which is accredited by the South Australian government. Andy Ong, CEO of ERC Holdings, believes Singaporeans should not just take on the 35,000 low level jobs that will be created when the IRs are open for business, but also as many managerial positions as possible. To date, more than 90 people have applied for this MBA programme, which will incorporate visits to casinos in Australia and Macau as well as classes on security, funding, money-laundering and other operational issues of a casino. The first 30 students will start classes soon, and among them are a remisier, a physiotherapist and a hotel senior manager. Long before the resorts open their doors. It looks like there’s no shortage of Singaporeans interested in the casino.

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The Edge Singapore
26 December 2005

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