Incubator Development Program


ERC’s strong entrepreneurial roots originate from the fact that we were founded by some of Asia’s leading entrepreneurs who believed in providing Singaporeans with the best opportunities to maximize their entrepreneurial potential, and that more entrepreneurs will be needed in the near future to boost national development.

Vision of ERC’s Incubator Development Programme

We aim to be the main incubator accelerator for aspiring entrepreneurs. With this vision in mind, we encourage entrepreneurship through our specialised training and consultancy services, as well as a suite of business solutions that are tailor-made to meet the demands of current and future business requirements. We aim to be a one-stop destination which aspiring business start-ups can turn to in order to meet their business needs.

Training – We offer a range of training programmes structured to assist the aspiring entrepreneur in realizing their business dreams. Such programmes will enable them to achieve business breakthroughs as they are able to rationalise their business concepts into an implementable strategy. They are also taught to identify the major factors that cause companies to fail. By avoiding these mistakes, they are more likely to achieve business success.

Angel Funding – ERC will provide access to capital of up to S$100,000* for promising entrepreneurial ventures developed by incubatees. Students must showcase their enthusiasm, innovativeness and determination along with a good business proposal. In order to gain financial support, incubatees must show that their businesses will be feasible and that they will commit to the business in the long run.

Mentoring – ERC possesses an extensive network of Board of Advisors within Singapore as well as Asia, ranging from renowned banking and financial institutions, hotels and resorts, as well as education leaders. Members of the Board of Advisors will provide personal mentoring for aspiring start-ups to learn and adopt successful business strategies that they can implement in their own start-ups.

Networking – One of the main objectives of ERC is to allow the incubates to network amongst peers and successful individuals in the industry. ERC organises business forums, such as CEO Forums and Asian Titan Trends, both of which are events whereby business leaders share their industry knowledge and experience with incubatees and allow the incubatees to post intriguing questions on the business fronts.

Business Resource Solutions – The ERC panel of companies has tremendous resources at its disposal that will aid innovative startups on their road to commercial success. ERC will link them to its various associates to ensure they get their ‘first business deal’ as soon as possible. Such success will keep them motivated, especially since a good morale is key success factor in any business.


Potential incubates will be qualified for entry in a variety of qualitative and quantitative factors that include:

  • Viability of business – The business must have the potential to grow to a sufficient scale to be listed on a suitable exchange eventually. In short, the business must be profitable, scalable and have proper functions and processes in place.
  • Value proposition – The business must have a compelling value proposition or it will not be considered innovative.
  • Character of applicant – The character of the applicant is an important factor to us as we like to work with persons of integrity. The road to business success is a long and hard path, and men of integrity and resolve are more likely to succeed in the process.
  • Track record – Some level of track record to demonstrate the ability of the applicant will be required. The applicant’s past level of success is a good indication of his/her potential to excel in his/her current chosen venture.
  • X factor – The ‘X factor’ is a perceptive quality cannot be explained, yet more often than not, it is also a determining factor in the success of the applicant. In this case, the collective wisdom of the IDP committee is required to sieve out this quality.

If you think that you have a highly innovative and viable business idea, email a copy of your business plan to

If you would like to see how our courses can help you achieve business success, please visit to find out the various academic programmes we offer for different individuals develop themselves.

Supported by SPRING Singapore’s Incubator Development Programme (IDP),
ERC provides various avenues for aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their innovative ideas into feasible and profitable businesses, through the provision of excellent hardware, ‘heart-ware’ and software.

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