What is a Mini-MBA?

The ERC’s mini MBA allows you to gain essential business administration management skills that you would get in a full-blown MBA without having to study an actual MBA. ERC’s mini MBA program allows one to gain critical and key business administration knowledge and skills to understand marketing management, financial accounts, business and operational issues, human resource and organizational performance issues amongst others. Mini MBA allows one to speak the language of business at management level.

At the end of the program, delegate will be able to discuss, plan and execute business strategies, read corporate finance and appreciates corporate social responsibility issues. You will learn about entrepreneur, supply chain management and business risks management all delivered under highly practical-oriented methodologies and business risk management all delivered under highly practical-oriented methodologies and learning environment. Certificates are awarded at the completion of the program.

Who should take a mini MBA?

Business owners, entrepreneur, senior management, senior managers, middle managers, and senior executives who need to be trained in critical and essential business administration knowledge to value add their business operations and better corporate performance and profitability.

What is the course duration?

The ERC’s mini MBA program is a 6-day intensive program that offers a broad overview in various areas of contemporary business studies of management and organizational leadership without having one to go on extended leave for study. In each module, you will explore the topics most critical to today’s business issues and to your personal and organizational success.

What sort of course is it, i.e. Diploma, Certificate or what?

The mini MBA course is a certificate course awarded by ERC approved under the standard of CPE and Edu-Trust.

Do I need to take exams?

There is no exam for mini MBA, but graduates will be getting an opportunity to present a transformational plan.

Do I have a title credential?

Yes, all graduates can have an mMBA title together with their designation.

What is the extent of the course in relation to a full MBA?

The Mini MBA is designed for people who cannot take three years out of their life to take a full MBA course and cannot match a full three year MBA. The course challenges the student in 5 different business topics normally be covered in a full MBA. It provides the student with the opportunity to learn how much there is to know about business and how to do business. It is a good practical course that tries to pack a lot of information into a short course while tackling the same issues as a full MBA.

How is mini MBA different?

For starters, the materials are timely and instantly relevant; this isn’t education in a dry vacuum. Our researchers are constantly combing current news and global events to bring cases and media coverage into the course-thought-provoking topics that help the group explore what’s really going on in your industry and in the business world today.

The learning environment is non-intimidating, and at the same time, intensely interactive. There are no formulaic or canned presentations, no eye-glazing monologues.

Finally, the Bottom Line Mini-MBA is all about action and application. Participants are given all the tools and help they need not only to apply the learning from the training, but to make it an integral part of their day-to-day management and decision making

Why enroll in a ERC’s mini MBA

  • Busy entrepreneur and manager that need a strong foundation in current business theory and best practice to start operate or manage their own business and SBUs better for business performance.
  • mini MBA program is cost-effective and brings the benefits of immediate ability to enhance business practical applications upon completion of the program.
  • ERC’s mini MBA is a 50% funded by Singapore government grant.
  • mini MBA program can be customized to suit any companies business needs should a company prfer to run it as a in-house mini MBA for their executives across industry segments and sectors.

Who are your instructors, mentors, and coach?

The ERC mini MBA will be conducted by a mix of experts who are business leaders, credentialed faculty and business practitioners in their respective fields focusing on translating latest research into practical, applicable and actionable knowledge to achieve sustainable learning outcomes.

How will this course help me as a businessman?

The Mini MBA is an overview analysis of what people need to know about business. Many people learn about business the hard way. An MBA course is the perfect solution to help people tap into areas of business where their skills may be lacking. Most business men know that common sense is important for many business decisions but without the proper knowledge of each field common sense is not enough. Without thorough knowledge of all fields a person may try to steer away from areas in which their experience is lacking or simply ignore them.

The Mini MBA aims to equip people with the basic skills and knowledge in each of the 5 areas of business. It provides student with practical, real life examples and guidance to learning how business works hands-on.

The Mini MBA is not as comprehensive as a full MBA degree but it does try to take the more practical aspects of business into account by forcing students to analyze their own business. The course is ideally suited for business owners or individuals that are forced to work in more than one field of business. Managers of larger companies can also find benefit from the course as it provides a good overview of what is involved in business and how to successfully fulfill their role in business.

This course requires dedication and commitment to complete in 6 days period. Upon completion of the course students will be much better equipped to deal with the many issues facing people in the business world today and be able to take what they have learned to make their businesses more successful.

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