Founder’s Message

Andy Ong ChairmanMessage by Andy Ong:

Entrepreneur’s Resource Centre (ERC) was established April 2002 by leading Asian business leaders with the foremost aim of encouraging Asians to be entrepreneurial. In addition to providing valuable training, sharing and business resources for budding entrepreneurs in Singapore, ERC also invests in these budding companies to grow them into profitable businesses, and groom their founders to become leaders of tomorrow’s business world. Once an incubator partner of the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore under the LEAP Programme, ERC has now progressed to becoming a partner of SPRING Singapore under the Incubator Development Programme. We take our role as an Incubator very seriously, and seek to assist new start-ups to develop at an efficient rate which will eventually allow them to expand their business into the region’s economies.
In all of our ERC Training Programs, students will be happy to know that the curriculum is specially tailored for the current local and regional business environment. Each programme is crafted with the objective of integrating real-life experiences and case studies with theories and applications, so as to refine each student’s business and professional skills. At ERC, we constantly strive to create new training programmes that will push the boundaries of what it means to provide “world-class” education.
In the new fiscal year, ERC will to leverage on our competencies – good industry network and good relationship with government bodies. With this, ERC will release more market-relevant and significant training programmes for our students.


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