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Entrepreneur’s Resource Centre aims to be the region’s foremost resource provider for up-and-coming businesses, encompassing a multi prong approach to cultivate a strong entrepreneurial culture in Singapore.

The main objective of ERC is to lend a helping hand to budding entrepreneurs to transform their dreams and ideas into sustainable business.

From a humble start-up some four years ago, Entrepreneur’s Resource Centre has rapidly grown to become one of the most successful Locally-based Enterprise Advancement Program (LEAP) partners of EDB. Till date, We have successfully incubated 31 companies and established our presence in the region.

Apart from updated training programs that are tailor-made for local and regional business environment, we have also incorporated into our specially crafted curriculum a unique approach of integrating real life experiences of successful entrepreneurs and relevant case studies to refine our participants’ business and professional skills. By doing so, we aim to not only better equip entrepreneurs but also to renew and invigorate the workforce to increase employment level.

ERC hopes that by achieving these objectives, the transformation of Singapore’s economy into a value creation one can be expedite and this will propel Singapore to greater heights in the global arena.

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