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Entrepreneur’s Resource Centre (ERC) was established April 2002 by leading Asian business leaders with the foremost aim of encouraging Asians to be entrepreneurial. In addition to providing valuable training, sharing and business resources for budding entrepreneurs in Singapore, ERC also invests in these budding companies to grow them into profitable businesses, and groom their founders to become leaders of tomorrow’s business world. Once an incubator partner of the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore under the LEAP Programme, ERC has now progressed to becoming a partner of SPRING Singapore under the Incubator Development Programme. We take our role as an Incubator very seriously, and seek to assist new start-ups to develop at an efficient rate which will eventually allow them to expand their business into the region’s economies.
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… ‘FUN’-tastic programme. Not only value-for-money, but is a good springboard to wealth creation.

Andrew Tok, Entrepreneur / Trader

We wanted to start our own education business after attending the Business Accelerator Program offered by ERC institute. We were glad that the CEO from ERC Institute, Mr Andy Ong, accepted our idea to start a business programme for ERC Institute’s courses and programmes by launching the EPP. Given that we are newbie in the education industry and doing our own business and, the EPP is the excellent platform for us to learn the ropes at an affordable investment cost. In addition, it shows ERC Institute is committed to help its students to succeed in real life. Both Andy Ong and the staff has been supportive and patient as we embark this journey.”

Pua Chuey Luan, EPP Intake 1

Mr.Andy Ong has a superb level of energy, and Mr.Jameel was definitely in depth in terms of his technical expertise.

Phillip Wee, Exhibition Sales Designer

The course content is engaging and informative.

Christopher Chua, Tuition Teacher

Informative, instructive, innovative for me to practise my property biz.

Tony Hanson, Property Business

“I came to know about ERC Institute when I attended their Business Accelerator program (BAP) with a good friend as we were looking to start our own education business. After BAP, in one of our business plan review with Andy, the CEO of ERC Institute, we suggested to him on starting a business programme for ERC institute’s courses and programmes. As such when he decided to launch EPP, we were very excited to have this opportunity to have a kick start in our business. The training and on-going support have quipped me with the relevant knowledge and information to get my business going. To-date, I have successfully registered 2 students and working on a few other opportunities with corporate clients and overseas agents. This business is a great as it gives me the ability to balance my family commitments and work.”

Valerie Tan, EPP Intake 1

“After the program, I managed to recruit 4 students in 2 weeks and made over $10,000. The sales ideas were stupendous and I plan to make $1 million from this program over this year.”

Mohamad Hassan, EPP Intake 1

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